Functionality that you want!
Functionality that you want!
Destinet is a modular publishing solution. This makes it easy to add new functionality, everything ranging from basic to advanced functionality can be added by the drag and drop interface. Integration of social media, galleries, diagrams, etc. can make the website more appealing and interactive.
Destinet wants to make it easy for a user to keep the website vibrant. Changes should be made without requiring substantial financial resources and the website should be adapted to a corporation's current and future needs. We are continuously developing new modules that will benefit our customers in their digital presentations and marketing.

Overview - Modules Destinet

dn4 flaticon imagegallery


Module that allows making various kinds of gallery displays on the pages.



dn4 flaticon map


Uses Google Maps to embed maps on the website.

dn4 flaticon youtube


Easy and smart posting of YouTube videos.

dn4 flaticon video


The video module uses Amazon's cloud service to distribute your videos to the outside world. This provides automatic conversion of the video file so that it will work on different desktops and mobile devices.

dn4 flaticon flash

Flash with fallback function

Makes it easy to embed flash files on the website, as well as insert modules that are automatically displayed on devices that are not able to show Flash, such as tablets and smartphones.

dn4 flaticon qr

QR code

Allows you to create QR codes on the website linked to a URL or contact information.

dn4 flaticon search adv

Advanced Search

More advanced search and statistics on the website.

dn4 flaticon documents


Documents list where you can enter one or more documents that will appear in a list where the user can click to open their documents.

dn4 flaticon sitemap

Site Map

Simple and smart insertion and generation of sitemaps.

dn4 flaticon closed


Adds access rights management on a selection of sites.

dn4 flaticon comment

Comment field

A simple comment field where users can comment on articles.

dn4 flaticon newsletter


Create and send out newsletters to your contacts.

dn4 flaticon blog


Create an article list with blog functionality.

dn4 flaticon forum


More advanced comment functionality with support for multiple categories.

dn4 flaticon rss


RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds.

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