3.5 - Moving & share

3.5 - Moving & share

To move the module, click the module title and move it to the module layout column where you want it.
Important: hold the mouse button while moving the module.

After positioning the module you can release the mouse button.
You can also use the 'Move' function from the context menu.
If you want to share a module to use it on multiple pages, select 'Share' from the context menu.

It opens a window that displays the entire page structure of the website. Tick the pages where you want to use the module.
destinet del modul
You can also share a module between multiple channels and languages.

Copying vs. sharing

Important to remember! Although copying and sharing of modules seems almost the same, there is a big difference between these functions.

Copy of one module will create just a copy of the module that is completely independent of the 'original'. This means that when you change a module that has been copied, you only change the current module.

If a module is shared and you are editing it, the changes are carried out in all instances of the original module!