The text module creates content text. To create or change a text, open the text editor by pressing the edit icon.
destinet tekst editor
Text editor in Destinet is similar to most common text editing tools. It has a field where you enter the text, as well as functions to format the text.

Simply highlight the text and select the desired style. In addition to common styles (bold, italic, underlined), you can also choose a style that is predefined for your website by your partner.

To remove formatting, select the text and click on 'Remove style' icon
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Copying text from Word

Copying text from other softwares like Word may cause unwanted effects in the text. The reason is that such programs use formatting codes that browsers can not handle. It is best to use 'Paste as Plain text'- function Lim inn som ren tekst and format text directly in the text module in Destinet.