Be seen on the web


Be seen on the web

More than 92 percent of all Internet users utilize search engines to find products and services. Destinet helps you achieve digital visibility.


Destinet is a very good publishing tool in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). The system is designed so that you can easily set your own search engine friendly URLs, title page, description, and keywords. There is also a separate SEO module that comes with all editions of Destinet. It is important that the developer of the website have expertise in SEO. This involves the design of everything from headlines, imagery, text, etc.

Destinet makes it easy for the editor / designer to maintain SEO when creating new subpages etc. There will be SEO input for each individual page in Destinet, where you can set the title, description, links to keywords, and see if you have achieved the recommended number of words.

When optimizing a website you should know that Google no longer gives equal consideration to keywords as before, and the importance of them is very small. But in combination with many other factors they will still have an effect. Many content creators fail to enter relevant keywords to their text, something which is not always easy to detect. By utilizing the SEO module in Destinet, you select keywords from the text, which is set up in a clearly arranged list so that your chosen words are always relevant to your content.

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Destinet has its own built-in analysis tools that quickly gives you an overview of the website's statistics. This is useful for monitoring the development of how many hits the site receives from search engines, and which words are used. Using Destinet Analysis tools, Google Analytics, or similar tools, you can review the results and make any necessary changes to increase the number of hits and activities on the site.
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