Improve visibility

Improve visibility

Today, most search engines to find the information they are looking for. Therefore it is important to be found and listed as high as possible. We have compiled a list of measures that will provide improved positioning in Google results. 
There are many things that must / can be done at your site to get a top position in Google's results.
In Destinet there have been made a number of technical measures to help improve visibility. But most importantly, it is the content that ensures that your website is found.

Before starting to rewrite and conduct expensive and time consuming SEO measures, it is advisable to make a plan. What is your target area? With what keywords do you want the website to be found?

To make the best possible SEO job it is important to know your audience and to measure the impact of the actions.

Content is king!

Most important of all is content. Google generates its results lists after content relevance for certain keywords. It is therefore important to define in advance with which keywords your site will be found. When these words are determined you should review the website and check if these words are used on the website and how often. You can not expect a good listing when not using the keywords on the website.

It is also important to see where on the pages these words are used. Google considers for example headlines as more important and more relevant than regular text. Therefore it is important to have well structured texts where keywords are used with informative and relevant content. It does not help to mention your keyword 5 times in the same sentence. The search engine will gladly classify this text as spam.

It's also wise to update the website regularly. If the search engines perceive that the website is often updated, they will classify it as more relevant than static pages that are not updated as often.

SEO with Destinet

Destinet has a built-in SEO tool that will help optimize the website for the right keywords.

In the sidebar on the left side you will find a SEO button. Press it to enable the SEO tool for the page you're on.

SEO - Tool

Destinet's SEO tool can help you improve your visibility. When it opens, you get a first indication of how well the site is made available for search engines. If the light is green, you are well on your way, but if it glows red it means that there is need for optimization.

The tool helps to add meta information to the site. Search engines 'read' this information first before they scan the entire page. Therefore, it is important to help the search engines to categorize the page correctly.

REMEMBER: The tool does not reflect a 100% binding result on how the search engines categorize the site.
If you follow the description of the SEO tool, you are well on the way.

Insert Page Title - short but sweet. Short description - a few words about the page's content, please use the keywords you have decided. As mentioned, content is very important. Make sure the site really contains relevant information about your keywords.

Clicking on any keyword brings up a list of all words that were used on the page, in order of frequency of use. Here you can see which words are most commonly used and is thus most suitable as keywords on this page. You can also see where on the page the words are used. Here it shows that it is important to fill out the alternate text for images. You select 2 words to be used as keywords by ticking the box. Now you can continue optimizing the site with using the words in a headline or as an image description.

REMEMBER: Not all pages on your website must be optimized using the same keywords!
Destinet - side optimalisert for søkemotorer

Click - what gives effect

Linking is one of the basic concepts in the internet world - you connect multiple sources together by creating a link between them. This is also the search engines very grateful for. They look favorably upon links between pages on a site and external links from other sites into your own. Therefore, it is wise to create cross-links between pages. When an article on the website contain words that are explained on another page - please link to the explanation and vice versa. In this way, you create a network of sites, which most search engines appreciate.

Further measures

All measures mentioned so far are free, but they require a little time and creativity. And there is still more you can do to increase the visibility of your site.

Equally plus plus

Active use of social media gives excellent effect for visibility. If the website is featured on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn this will have a positive effect. It is also possible to advertise on these channels - often very directly to a specific audience. Therefore, it is important to think about how to use social media to spread the message. Destinet's partners would like help with creating a good social media plan.