Flexible, secure, user & search engine friendly
Flexible, secure, user & search engine friendly
Destinet may be the world's easiest web based tool for creating and editing digital communication channels - websites, intranets, and newsletters.
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User friendly

If you can use Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, you can also use Destinet.

The user experience has been the most important in the development of Destinet. Simple "operations" as adding, updating and removing information are done quickly using the drag and drop method.

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Search Engine Optimized

Does your website show up on Google search? Over 92% of all Internet users currently use search engines to find products and services, making it more important than ever to have high search result rankings.

Destinet contains a number of features that help you to achieve good rankings in search engines. In addition to a good SEO strategy, it is important to have access to the necessary tools that allow you to implement the strategy successfully. Destinet provides the toolbox you need!

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Destinet is based on modules so that your website can easily be expanded to suit the needs of your organization, as well as being adapted to graphical guidelines.

Simple administration of intranet and extranet facilitates effective communication with employees, customers and suppliers. If you want multiple languages on your portal, or increased functionality found in other modules, this is easy to add.

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Destinet has a number of built-in safeguards that ensure that your web portal always meets today's security requirements.

You can set separate security measures on both portal basis, pages and modules. You can create roles and assign rights to pages and individual modules.

Reference: boligverden.no
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