Easy to like, easy to use!

Destinet is a visual tool for setting up websites. You get a complete overview of how the structure and contents is set up, and have easy access to editing. "Drag and drop" is the main function used in the system. Page structure or content changes are only a few clicks away.

Easy to edit 

All editing is done directly in the browser, so you can make updates whenever and wherever you want. With a good overview and preview you can see at any time what you are editing.

Easy to add, delete and move

Build your site structure and place modules and content where you want! Pages and modules are moved around with the drag and drop function.

Simple file management

Destinet has a file management system with a familiar folder structure. In this way you can easily keep track of documents, pictures, movies etc.

Easy to change images

Easily customize images with the built-in image editor which includes the functionality you expect, such as: Cut, Crop, and scale functions.

Easy to be a web designer

Define colors, fonts, layouts, and module styles to give the site the expression you want!

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Easy to expand functionality

Integrate external script libraries and build databases of your choice with the view module.

Read more about Destinet for Developers

Easy to keep track of multiple screens

Update the website, intranet, and mobile page; send newsletters or update news on your web app - everything from the same platform.

Easy to undo

With the Change History/Undo function, you can easily roll back mistakes.

Easy to share

The copying and sharing of modules and pages can be done quickly and intuitively.
Reference: acona.no
Partner: Destino