Destinet goes mobile

Destinet goes mobile
Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are choice number one for most people surfing the net. To achieve maximum effectiveness, it is important that your website is optimized for mobile screens. This can easily be done in Destinet, either via separate channels or through the use of responsive design. 

Destinet Responsive

When using responsive design your Destinet website is customized for all screen sizes.

Responsive webpages accommodate various screen sizes. For example, providing a wider, more content filled layout for desktop sized screens versus a more vertical, stripped-down layout for mobile devices. Designs and content are prioritized differently on desktop, tablet, and mobile device layouts. Good use of responsive design gives the user a seamless experience while navigating the website. Destinet contains all of the functionality required to create responsive webpages.
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Destinet Mobile

Destinet Mobile is suitable for those who want a website customized for mobile without using responsive design.  

With the current reach of smart phones and tablets fo web browsing, we recommend that all customers have a mobile version of their website. Responsive design is not always the most appropriate solution. For those who want another option we offer Destinet Mobile. Your website is adapted for viewing on mobile with customized layouts, content, and navigation. As an editor you can easily select the content you want to share between your desktop and mobile pages, and what content should be specific to the various channels.

Destinet + Mobile layouts = Google Ready

If it's not on Google, it doesn't exist!

Google started its new mobile initiative, "Mobilegeddon", on April 21st 2015 with new search algorithms for web pages. With this update the world's biggest search engine reacts on rising search metrics for mobile devices. Thus, sites adapted to mobile sscreens rank better than sites that are not "mobile-friendly". This causes the websites without mobile adaptations to lose their placement in the search index, moving them further down. This makes it difficult to find these sites via mobile search.

With Destinet responsive and / or mobile channels, your website fulfills Google's requirements. You can be sure that the website will be recognized in Google search results (if you have relevant content to the search).

Is your website mobile friendly?

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Examples: mobile adapted websites
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