... Can save a lot of time!

As an editor you want to make changes quickly and easily. With inline editing you can see the changes as you make them. In addition, changes will sync within your selected channels.


Destinet is a visual and intuitive tool that enables you to always see where the status of changes to your website. You can navigate as you normally do on the site, and update information directly on the page. Changes and updates are displayed immediately, or you can wait to publish them until you're ready. In this way the work is done safely, easily and effectively!

WYSIWYG editing

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing is something that makes Destinet particularly user friendly. You always have full control over the website and can see how the page changes continuously after you have updated it. If you've worked with text editing in Microsoft Word, you'll quickly get settled in with Destinet.
Destinet WYSIWYG editor
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With Destinet you can manage multiple websites, be they mobile, applications, and intranets, all from the same platform. But this does not mean you have to do the editing job several times! You can easily choose what content should be specific to a channel and what is supposed to be shared. If you make a change on the content that is shared, this will automatically be changed on all pages where the module / content is shared.


Many users appreciate Destinet's Drag and Drop functionality where you can easily introduce and move content on the page by clicking on the appropriate module and dropping it wherever you want. 
Destinet Dragndrop
destinet for editor
destinet for editor
destinet for editor
Suitable for anyone using the Web!
destinet for editor
Destinet for Developer
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